Withdrawal of a single volume monograph

Author: smoody
Posted in: Systems, Withdrawal Procedures

You’re withdrawing a single-volume monograph (published in one volume); it may be the last copy in OskiCat or other copies may remain.

In Item Record for item to be withdrawn:

  1. Change Status to ‘w’ WITHDRAWN
  2. Change Item Code 2 to ‘n’ SUPPRESS
  3. Change location to “zw” WITHDRAWN
  4. Insert an Internal Note (x) with the information about the withdrawal (see Note Formats)
  5. Add a Label Location with the four-letter code (e.g. ENVI) for the former owning unit if one isn’t already present
  6. Save


Single volume monograph item:

Single volume monograph item

Single volume monograph after:

Single volume monograph after

Created: August 22, 2016
Last revised: April 12, 2018
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