Withdrawal of a set (partial)

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You’re withdrawing one volume of a set (serial or MVM). After you’re done, at least one other held item for your location will remain attached to the bib record.

In Item Record for volume to be withdrawn

  1. Check to see if the item is an analytic (see Checking for analytics)
  2. Change Status to ‘w’ WITHDRAWN
  3. Change Item Code 2 to ‘n’ SUPPRESS
  4. Change location to “zw” WITHDRAWN
  5. Insert an Internal Note (x) with the information about the withdrawal (see Note Formats)
  6. Add a Label Location with the four-letter code (e.g. ENVI) for the former owning unit if one isn’t already present
  7. Save

In Holdings Record for that location

  1. Check to see if the item is analyzed (see Checking for analytics)
  2. Update the holdings in the 866 _0 or 868 _0 field, as appropriate, to reflect what is held in that location
  3. Item record remains linked
  4. Save

Before (item record):

Before (item record)

Before (holdings record):

Before (holdings record)
Item Record (Partial Set):

Item Record (Partial Set)
After (holdings record):

Holdings after

After (item record):
After (item record)

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Last revised: January 20, 2017
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