Withdrawal Procedures: Withdrawal notes

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Add a note with information about withdrawal to the Item Record or the Holdings Record, as appropriate, with this format:

[date][space space]wd[space][reason for withdrawal][space][Millennium initials]

Notes on notes

  • In order to create lists and report statistics for records that have been withdrawn, it’s imperative that you use the precise syntax below. For example, if you use “W/D” instead of “wd,” a search for withdrawn records will not find those coded “W/D.”
  • %date[space space] is how the date substitution phrase is invoked in Millennium. Using this will automatically insert the current date in a uniform format.
  • The initials used at the end of the note are your Millennium logon initials. For example, if you work in Technical Services, your name is Xavier Young, and your logon is “tsxy01a,” you would enter “tsxy” at the end of the note.

For example

  • Item Record
    • Internal Note: 20090729 wd missing tsxy
    • Internal Note: 20090729 wd in lieu of storage tsxy
    • Optional decision reason added after initials:¬†Internal Note: 20090729 wd deselected tbtb replaced by signed copy
  • Item Record for withdrawn accompanying material
    • Internal Note [date] wd [reason for withdrawal] [Accompanying material] [Millennium initials]
    • Internal Note: 20090907 wd missing CD-ROM tstr
    • Internal Note: 20100408 wd damaged DVD tstr
  • Holdings Record
    • Check Note: 20090730 wd damaged tsxy

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Last revised: December 8, 2016
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