When a Non-owning Unit Receives a Wet Book

Author: Jennifer Osgood
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1.) If the item is owned by another library, check in the item, selecting the third option: “Place Item in Transit, Do Not Check In.” This will keep the item on the patron’s account and allow for any fines to accrue or other assessed fees to be added later by the owning unit.

2a.) If the book is returned during business hours, place the book into a Book Isolation Bag—provided by the Conservation Department—and fill out the included form. Once bagged, the book needs to be hand delivered immediately to the Conservation Treatment Division (CTD), 9 Doe. If you run low on Book Isolation Bags, request more from CTD at any time.

2b.) If the book is returned during the evening or on the weekend, the book should be stood on its end with pages fanned, to begin to dry out the book and prevent mold growth. In the morning, place the book into a Book Isolation Bag, fill out the form, and hand deliver it to CTD, 9 Doe.

3.) Phone the circulation supervisor at the owning unit about the situation, or email if after business hours. Describe the book (title, call number, barcode, etc.) and the condition. This will keep the owning unit in the loop.

4.) It will be up to the owning unit to contact CTD (642-8843) if they want to determine the item’s condition and how much to fine the patron. This should be done the same day that the book is delivered to Conservation as it will not take long for CTD to make a determination on the repair cost, and the patron should not have a returned book on their account for longer than necessary.

5.) After contacting CTD, the owning unit will need to remove the item from the patron’s account—after assessing fines if desired—and change the item’s status to “In Repair.” The unit should also add a tracking note. The tracking note should be in the following format: %date  [text of the note] [your Millennium initials]; an example note: 20120903 Sent to Conservation esjo. Internal notes can be used to keep track of specific information.

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