Waiving Fines in Millennium

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Waiving fines

Other fine module documentation may be found at Add Fines to Patron Account in Millennium and View Paid and Waived Fines on Patron Account.


Generally fines should only be waived in cases of library staff error. Approved cases are:

  • Item found on shelf, not checked in properly
  • Book drop returns not checked in on time
  • Short-term loan items not checked in on time

Fines may also be waived in special circumstances due to facility issues such as fire alarms, power outages, etc.

Fines that are not the result of the library errors itemized above may be referred to the Chief Operations Manager, selector, or other direct supervisor.

Book replacement fees should never be waived per library policy. If a replacement copy is provided by the patron, use the instructions in the accepting replacement copies document to check in the item manually to remove the replacement fee.

To reduce (but not remove) processing charges, the fine amount may be adjusted. This option is preferable to waiving as it is clearer in financial records, but should only be done with approval from COMs or other supervisors.

When waiving ALWAYS add a descriptive Payment Note as to why the fine was waived—“staff error” is not descriptive enough. We need to be able to account for why the money was waived and explain this if audited.


1. From the patron record, click on the Fines tab.

2. Select the fine you want to waive by clicking on it.

3. Click Waive Charges button.

4. A pop-up will appear saying “Waive selected fines?” Click Yes. After you have selected yes, you cannot reverse this choice.

5. Change payment type to “other” by clicking on the drop down arrow. Add a descriptive note in the Payment Note box. This is the only place a note can be added. Notes do not require initials, date, or item information. Example notes:

  • For items found on shelf, short term loans not checked in on time, or books from the book drop that were not checked in promptly:
    • Patron returned item on time, not properly checked in.
  • For items not checked in due to a facilities issue:
    • Facility issue prevented item from being checked in on time.

6. Once the descriptive note has been added, click OK to proceed.

7. The fine has now been waived. The next screen appears as below. Click OK to dismiss the screen or print if you would like a copy for your records.

Waive at check-in option – DO NOT USE

Do not select option to “waive charges on items being checked in” while checking in items. These will register as a waived fine with no note.

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