Viewing Past Fines in Millennium

Author: Jennifer Osgood
Posted in: Circulation Services Group

View Paid and Waived Fines on a Patron Account

Other fine module documentation may be found at Waiving Fines  and Add Fines to Patron Account in Millennium.

1. When in the patron’s record, click the Fines tab.

2. Click the “Fines Paid” button.

A list of previously collected charges will display with information about the amount, charge type, item, and date-of-payment.

3. To display additional information for a particular fine, select the fine from the list and click “View Fine”.

Important Note: You need to click “View Fine” to see more information on the payment for that particular item. If the fine was waived, it will be noted in the Payment Status field.

This view gives you detailed information about past fines that were either paid or waived. You can view the location where the item was checked out, when it was due, when it billed (assessed date), and when the fee was paid or waived. Also the initials of the staff member who waived or collected the fine are displayed.

Created: April 13, 2018
Last revised: April 13, 2018
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