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When you add a new item to an existing record, it will be last on the list of items. If it belongs elsewhere to be in order by volume, date, or copy number, you will need to MOVE it to the correct location. NOTE: DO NOT USE PRESERVE SORT! See caution below.


  1. If item needs to be linked to a holdings record you must link the item before moving otherwise move may not have the intended results.
  2. From record SUMMARY, chose the View ITEM option. Move works from ITEM view.
  3. Make sure no items are highlighted, by clicking in the empty box at the far left of the header, above the numbered rows of items.
  4. Highlight the item or the block of items that you want to move. It is important not to have any extraneous items highlighted or the move may have unexpected results.
  5. Click the “MOVE” button on the right above the item summary.
  6. You will be prompted for which row number you want to move this item record to.
  7. If you can’t see which row you want, slide the popup box out of the way.
  8. If you are moving the item UP (easier): Enter the row number. The item that was at that row number will be moved down a row. Your item jumps into the position you chose and the lines are renumbered.
  9. If you are moving the item DOWN (less intuitive): Enter the row number you want your item to file AFTER. The item at that row number will stay in the same place and your item should be placed below it.
  10. Take a look and make sure that the item ended up where you want it. Items should be in order by location, and then by volume information and then copy number.
  11. The change is saved automatically. The edit causes the update date to be modified on the bibliographic record but does not modify the item update date. There is no undo.

Notes on sorting:

Sorting just to view: Sometimes it is useful to sort all items by a given column header to answer a specific question. This is fine to do as long as you do not then Preserve Sort.

Sorting by LOCATION: Sorting by location (NOT by volume or copy) happens automatically through a monthly job that sorts all attached records by location. The sort is generally alphabetical by display name (not code), but certain locations are pushed to the bottom of the list: Bancroft, NRLF, Archival and Master Negatives, and any internal locations that start with “z”. Any items updated since the last sort are sorted.

Sorting within a location by VOLUME or COPY: The load of item records from Gladis was supposed to preserve the volume/copy sort but did not, and many records loaded with the items badly out of order. Most affected were newspaper and other sets that tend to have volume information in Month and Year form. III wrote a program to re-sort these item records in the correct order, which is being run as a one time job in April, 2010.

CAUTION: This one time sort job fixes an important public service and staff workflow problem. In order not to undo this sort, staff are asked to not use PRESERVE SORT. Please use the instructions above to MOVE records individually into the correct order. 

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