Unlinked analytics at NRLF (workaround)

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Background: Large sets (often microforms) of analytic records that were unbarcoded and thus not linked in Gladis are also not linked to the set record in Millennium unless manual work has been done to link the correct item and delete the additional item.

When the set is actually housed at NRLF, there are public service issues – patrons who encounter the analytic record see that it has a campus location and call number but can’t find it, because in fact nothing is on campus for the set – it is all in storage.  The process outlined below is intended to guide users to the set record so that the correct item may be requested from NRLF and to keep the additional (bogus) item record from inflating annual statistics.


When there are 20 or fewer records to be “fixed” AND

— all items are at NRLF then contact NRLF Tech

— all items are on Campus and Subject Speciality Library can not fix themselves then submit a BadCat request

If more than 20 records, submit a OskiCat helpdesk request.  Include the call number and Millennium record number of the set record.

Systems will then:

  • 1. Start a new review file for the unlinked items in Create Lists
    • a. Select item as the store record type
    • b. Use the call number in the index search
    • c. Search on item location “starts with” and the first two letters of the item location as indicated in the ticket
    • d. Append a line and search on item barcode “equal to” ” “
  • 2. Start another review file to search for the bibs from the item review file
    • a. Dedupe review file
  • 3. Use Global Update to change the unlinked bibs:
    • a. Add a set-specific url that points the public to the set record.
      Example: 856 42 |zSome items are stored at NRLF. |uhttp://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b12279117
    • b. Add 956 to show this work has been done.
      Example: 956 |a20140208|bUnlinked analytics work-around
  • 4. Use Global Update to change the unlinked items:
    • a. Verify that the Label Location exists in all the item records.
    • b. Change item location from the campus location to “ze” which translates as In Storage. This location is intended to alert staff that there’s something unusual going on with the item record, which is why NRLF was not chosen for the label.
    • c. Change item record status to “r” (SEE NRLF LINK).

NOTE: ideally the item record would be suppressed and not display to the public, however, in many of these sets the item call number has specific information required to enable the patron to request the correct reel/volume/etc, without which they would be unable to determine which item on the NRLF set record to request.


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Author: Charis Takaro
Approval Group: PSC, Cataloging and Metadata Council
Update Group: Systems
Last updated date: 03/08/17

Created: April 28, 2016
Last revised: January 3, 2018
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