Universal Return – Affiliate Libraries: Delivery Process

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Affiliate libraries will check in returned materials via the circulation module of Millennium. Items belonging to other libraries will be checked in and placed “in transit”. Affiliate library staff should print the “in transit” slips, place it in the items and send via Library Mailroom. Mailroom staff will pick up and delivery to the various libraries.

Main, Moffitt and subject specialty libraries will check in returned affiliate library materials, place in transit, print “in intransit” slips, and place in items. Items belonging to Ethnic Studies, Institute of Governmental Studies, and Institute of Transportation Studies libraries are to be routed via Library Mailroom.

Items belonging to other affiliate libraries should be routed to Main Circulation for pick up by the those libraries. Circulation staff should print the in transit slips, place it in the item, and place the item in a mailing envelope or wrap a band with “Main Circulation” on it around the item for delivery to Main Circulation via the Library’s Mailroom. Main Circulation will place the items on the designated shelves in the workroom for affiliate libraries to pick up. DO NOT send affiliate library materials via campus mail. This process should also be used for recalled items that are to be picked up by the user at an affiliate library.

Affiliate libraries, other than Ethnic Studies, Institute of Governmental Studies and Institute of Transportation Studies, should develop a pick up/delivery schedule or closely monitor the “in transit” reports to know when materials are waiting for pick up.

Universal Return general instructions

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