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Author: Jenna Jackson
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Accessing UC Press owned material at NRLF

UC Press deposited their material at NRLF as an archival collection, assigning it a “Restricted Use” circulation status (go to http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/screens/help_borrowing.html for more information on NRLF circulation behavior and scroll down to “NRLF circulation statuses”). In most cases, another (circulating) copy is listed in the catalog, and library users should be encouraged to obtain that one.

Since UC Press doesn’t have a public service location to provide access to this collection, NRLF has permission to ship this material to any UC library for in-house use, with the assurance that use complies with the same secure use conditions that apply to Special Collections items. Photocopying is not permitted.

Please note that UC Press items do not have a call number or library markings, and the location code “npupr” is not mapped out in the loan rule determiner table, so the default circulation is “non-circulating” in Millennium. Before directing the library user to NRLF, please check the catalog for a circulating copy. If none can be found, the user wants to view the item at your library, and your unit can accommodate the in-house use conditions, send an email request to NRLF (nrlfreq@library.berkeley.edu) with the following subject line: “UC Press item for in-house use at <unit>.” Please include the NRLF barcode with the item information. NRLF will consider the request and contact you if we need more information. If we fill the request, we will check items out to the requesting unit’s departmental patron account (e.g., Circ Sup/ANTH) and set the due date to 2 months. We will ship the item in a secure package and include a flag asking to not check the material in upon receipt.  When the item is ready to be returned to NRLF, check it in and return the material in an envelope for extra protection.

Don’t hesitate to call or email the Head of Access Services at NRLF if you or the library users have questions (Ellen Dario; edario@berkeley.edu; 642-6234).

UC Press record in OskiCat
UC Press record in Millennium, Barcode: W 285 753

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Tue, 12/22/2015 – 16:50 — Jenna Jackson
I added a new Oskicat link to a UC Press record and included the barocde for a different UC Press item that people can look up in Millennium to view a UC Press record.

UC Press record in OskiCat
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I just noticed that the link to the UC Press example in OskiCat doesn’t actually link to the title. -Jutta

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