Tracing & Recalling Items Sent to Preservation (CONS/Status “IN REPAIR”)

Author: Thomas Perry-Houts
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In the Millennium database, an “IN REPAIR” status indicates that a volume has been routed from its owning library to the Preservation Department (PRES).  Occasionally, IN REPAIR volumes are recalled from PRES by library patrons, or need to be traced by the owning unit.  Any library patron who wishes to recall an IN REPAIR volume can do so by placing a hold on that volume in OskiCat.  Library staff members can initiate recalls in Millennium or request traces by e-mailing  When e-mailing “tracecon,” staff should include a barcode number; or at least a complete call number (including copy number).  A physical description of the volume would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Within the Preservation Department, the Bindery Prep Division (BPD) is the unit that receives and investigates all requests for IN REPAIR materials.  Searches are conducted in the following manner:


When a hold/recall notification or trace request arrives, the requested volume’s Millennium item record is pulled up and reviewed by a designated staff member (the ‘searcher’) in BPD.  The searcher looks for standardized notes and status codes in the record, which will help to determine the volume’s location.  While all recalled items are searched for in a timely manner, highest priority and quickest turnaround are reserved for requests that are e-mailed to “tracecon”.  After the volume has been located, its status is changed to RUSH, and it is made available to the patron or unit as soon as possible.


If a recalled volume is not located after an initial attempt by BPD’s searcher, he or she will take the following four steps:

  1. Look thoroughly at the volumes in every Preservation workflow, in case the item in question was mis-routed within the department;
  2. (For MAIN and MOFF volumes):  Go to the stacks, and check to see if the book was mistakenly re-shelved without its IN REPAIR status being cleared.  Also, look in the processing areas behind MAIN’s circulation desk, where volumes are sometimes delayed before their status is changed back to AVAILABLE.
  3. (For branch library volumes):  Contact circulation staff at the owning location, asking them to check the shelves.  Also ask them to look in their processing areas, where the volume could be awaiting check-in.
  4. Finally, search the marking unit in Technical Services (250 Moffitt), as the volume might have been routed there for a new call number label.

If the volume is still not located after searching in all the areas mentioned above, it will be declared missing and referred to the owning library for possible replacement.

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