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This page is updated regularly with the last record number for each record type. Knowing the last number that existed on a certain date is a useful way to make Create Lists searches more efficient.
Here is an example screen:

Last record numbers added to Millennium as of 04/25/11 05:00:01
BIBLIOGRAPHIC      183844609
ORDER              1514737x
HOLDINGS           24518074
AUTHORITY          126046293
ITEM               235244521
PATRON             12001399
COURSE             10032253
INVOICE            10331591
VENDOR             10027841
RESOURCE           10000008
LICENSE            10000008
CONTACT            10000008

Legacy Data
Author: D. Zuckerman
Update Group: Systems
Last updated date: 07/22/15

Created: April 28, 2016
Last revised: December 7, 2016
Review date: None set

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