Storage Editing Requirements

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Storage editing requirements

Depositing at NRLF: Millennium Record Editing/Management Guide

This guide contains instructions for editing and managing item and holdings records for single volume monographs and sets (serials and MVMs) being deposited at NRLF.  Please note that the procedures for selecting and physically preparing materials for deposit have not changed with the migration to OskiCat; see the NRLF Depositing Guidelines, the “storage standards” from the old BPM, and your unit’s deposit procedures for more information.  Instructions for determining storage eligibility (SRLF/NRLF duplication check).

Please note that these guidelines attempt a compromise between the public service need to inform patrons and staff when items are not on the shelves and the reality of the processing workload associated with sending materials to storage. A new status of STORAGE PREP (code ‘s’) is required, which will be requestable in OskiCat for locations that qualify for request.  The status can be set for all items at once on a title using “Modify Group” or can be set by Systems from a file of barcodes.

NOTE: Timing: Ideally all changes outlined here will be done before materials are sent for storage, however, some units may do all the steps outlined at the time the material is pulled, except for updating the 866 “Lib has” and cards. These units will update the 866 “Lib has” and cards after NRLF accessions the material. This is because of the possible reject rates of sets sent for deposit and the desire not to have to undo changes to the 866 “Lib has” and cards for materials that are rejected. Systems can generate a monthly report by unit of all records accessioned at NRLF for that unit the previous month. Specifics regarding timing of the various types of edits are up to the unit, provided all edits for a given deposit are complete before the next deposit for that unit is sent to NRLF. See scenarios for examples.

NOTE: Item records: in some circumstances item records do not exist. NRLF prefers units create items before sending, but follow unit conventions. There is no need to add a Berkeley barcode at the time items are created for storage – the NRLF barcode is sufficient.

NOTE: Holdings level of detail: In some cases the campus holdings record is detailed and the NRLF holdings statement is more general, especially when there are lots of gaps.  Loss of detail from removing the part of the set stored at NRLF from the campus 866 can be added into the NRLF holdings by sending a request to nrlftech@library with a cut and paste of what was removed from the campus holdings, when required.

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Author: Charis Takaro
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Last updated date: 03/07/13

Comments: Wed, 10/30/2013 – 10:14 — dhsiao

Editing suppressed MVM holdings records

Now that Systems suppressed most MVM holdings records, is it still necessary to update the suppressed records for storage? It would be quite a time-saver for me in preparing shipments if this step could be skipped, but perhaps it’s useful for NRLF processing or other reasons? Thanks.

Comments: Fri, 11/30/2012 – 14:34 — Charis Takaro

split sets maintenance

Added reminder about cleaning up holdings migrated from Gladis where the campus holdings record reflects items at NRLF, according to the Holdings Maintenance for split sets procedure

Comments: Fri, 10/26/2012 – 11:11 — Charis Takaro

ILSSC/PSC revision

To save labor and because this note is not seen as being necessary for public service, the addition of a PD Other holdings note is no longer part of this procedure, and is being removed completely.  Clicking on “view volumes” to see item status information will be how the public learns which volumes are where.

Created: August 12, 2016
Last revised: June 11, 2017
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