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Staff may need to recall an item that is checked out in order to do work on the physical piece or the record for the item.  ILSSC has reviewed problems and patron complaints that result when staff have placed holds on items without recalling them (ie, the due date does not change).  To avoid these problems, ILSSC recommends:

If you need to work on something that is checked out:

1- Use a gold departmental library card with your name and email address on it to place the request (NOT your plastic Cal ID card tied to your own personal record). Instructions for how to get and use this card are part of the policy on removing library materials from the stacks for library business

2- Use OskiCat to place a request for the item. The due date will be shortened, which is unfortunate but better than the alternatives.

3- If the item is not requestable in OskiCat (no “Request” button appears in public view), circulation staff will need to place the recall for the staff member.  You may send an email to holds@lists to request this service.

4- Circulation staff should be sure to use the gold departmental library card in the name of the person who will be working on the item, and allow a recall (shortened due date).

5- Staff should return the item to any circulation desk, honoring the 7 day checkout limit if there are subsequent recalls.

Note that use of a checkout is contrary to the policy on removing library materials from the stacks for library business, but it was determined that the negative effect on circulation statistics a checkout causes was less important than the public access to the collection that is caused by not using a recall and not having subsequent recalls automatically email the person holding the material.

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