Single Volume Monographs

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Storage editing requirements: Single Volume Monographs

Owning location tasks:

Item records:

  • NOTE: If you prefer to wand a file of barcodes and have Systems update every item in the file, submit an OskiCat helpdesk request.
  • set Status to STORAGE PREP (‘s’)
  • The item update date will often indicate the date the status was set and can be used to generate lists of items that may have fallen through the cracks.

Holdings records: If holdings records exist, use Sets guidelines below.

NRLF tasks (after receiving volumes):

Item records:

  • change campus location code to NRLF location code
  • set Status to AVAILABLE
  • edit Item Code 1 field
  • add NRLF Note
  • if necessary, change Item Message and OPAC Message fields for Building Use Only and Restricted items (if items are neither, set both values to – (dash))
  • make any other changes as needed


Created: August 16, 2016
Last revised: December 6, 2016
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