Sets (Serials and Multi-Volume Monographs)

Author: smoody
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Before beginning, verify that any unsuppressed holdings record(s) for your camps location only list the volumes on campus. If campus holdings list volumes already at NRLF, please resolve this by following the holdings split sets procedure before completing the Storage Edit steps below.

Once a set has been selected for deposit, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is this a completely new deposit for your unit, or are you adding to your unit’s existing deposit?
  2. Is the title active (you are expecting further issues and there is a check-in card) or inactive?
  3. Are you depositing all the volumes in your unit, or only some of them?
  4. If the title is active, is it treated as a “comes bound” title (bindable unit = 1 issue) or is it a current periodical (bindable unit = multiple issues)?
  5. If the title is active,
  6. will you keep all subsequently received volumes on campus,
  7. or will you deposit new volumes immediately upon receipt,
  8. or will you retain some current issues (e.g. unbound issues only, or a “moving wall” such as latest 5 years) on campus?

Created: August 16, 2016
Last revised: December 6, 2016
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