Serials — Submitting Successive Entry Changes

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The following procedures are for major title changes only that apply to serial/series titles cataloged as a set. Procedures for “call # varies” records (“sep” treatment) are not addressed in this document.

If the old title is already cataloged, it is assumed that the new title will also be cataloged, so no selector referral is made. If there is a change in format or a substantive change in content, refer title to selector.

Only the last issue of the old title and the first issue of the new title are needed to send to Serials Cataloging Unit. The same procedures are followed regardless of the receiving location or who is initiating the title change. If a subject specialty library discovers a missed title change regardless of the receiving location, they should initiate the title change.

Prior to submitting the title change to the Serials Cataloging Unit, an “In Process” bibliographic record with attached holdings record and check-in card for the new title is created. In addition, the holdings record and check-in card for the previous title is also updated.


1. Keying bibliographic record for new title

Before starting to key the new record, copy down relevant information from the old title.  Having 2 records open at once is helpful to copy and paste information.

Create a “New BIBLIOGRAPHIC Record” / “New” icon (ctrl-n).

The brief bibliographic record should include the following fields:

Bib Level = s SERIAL

Material Type = a PRINTED MATERIAL

Language = will usually be same as for old title

Location = owning location

022 ISSN = key as appropriate, include hyphen

245 Title = title as it appears on the title page

110 Author = Add if necessary to distinguish non-unique titles e.g. Newsletter (Ohio State Library)

The following fields are optional and may be included for clarification or identification of the new serial title if title may be difficult to identify or find in Millennium prior to its being cataloged:

Added title (246)

Publication Info. (264_1) e.g., Dec 2012-

2.  Attach holdings record for the new title:

Accurately update the following fixed fields (must be the same as the old title):

Acq Type(C)


Recv Location


Insert the following variable fields

Check Note = IN PROCESS

Check Note = CONTINUES: c____________

Insert other local notes only as necessary. Do not fully update the new holdings record, this is done during post cataloging.

3. Create check-in card, following standard procedures for setting up card parameters. Check in the issues.

Add Staff note to check-in boxes for any issues being sent to Serials Cataloging Unit, including date and initials: e.g., To Ser/Cat tsjcw. 12-4-13

4. Insert SEC flag in issue, print out the Holdings record with the checkin record and write any notes to the catalogers on this sheet.


1. Update the holdings record as follows: Insert Check Note: CONTINUED BY: c _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Change upload to d DEAD UPL OK

2. Update the check-in card as follows:

Delete any check-in boxes that do not apply to the old title. Insert final “null” box on card = STATUS = N [NULL] with Staff Note = “SEC” Insert specific staff note in box for issues being sent to Serials Cataloging Unit, e.g., To Ser/Cat tsjcw 12-4-13 If the card is full, change the status of the card to filled.

3. Do NOT update the order record. This will be done by central processing unit as part of the post-cataloging process when the order record is moved to the new title.


Send the following package to the Serials Cataloging Unit: First issue of new title with one page printout of the Holdings record and SEC flag. Last issue of old title.

Note: If the old title is bound, send the last issue of the old title along with the new title. When sending a bound volume, update the item record Status fields and add a Tracking note.








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