Serials — Submitting New Purchase Titles Received Direct in SSL for Cataloging

Author: Judith Weeks
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The following procedures are for new serial titles being received directly in the Subject Specialty Library as a purchase requiring cataloging.

Only the first issue of the new title is needed to send to Serials Cataloging Unit for active or inactive titles.

Prior to submitting the title for cataloging, an “In Process” bibliographic record with attached holdings record and check-in card (if active) for the new title is created.


  1. Updating the order record received date.

When the first issue is received on a new order, add a received date to the “Recv Date” field in the order record.

  1. The bibliographic record for new title

The brief bibliographic record should include the following fields:

Bib Level  = s SERIAL

Material Type  = a PRINTED MATERIAL

Language =

Location = owning location

022 ISSN =  key as appropriate, include hyphen

245 Title = title as it appears on the title page

110 Author = Add if necessary to distinguish non-unique titles e.g. Newsletter (Ohio State Library)

The following fields are optional and may be included for clarification or identification of the new serial title if title may be difficult to identify or find in Millennium prior to its being cataloged:

Added title (246)

Publication Info. (264_1) e.g., Dec 2012-

  1. Attach holdings record for the new title:

Accurately update the following fixed fields:

Acq Type(C)


Recv Location


Insert the following variable fields

Check Note = IN PROCESS

Insert other local notes only as necessary.  Do not fully update the new holdings record.

  1. Create check-in card:

Following standard procedures for setting up card parameters create a check-in card.  Check in the issues.  Add Staff note to check-in boxes for any issues being sent to Serials Cataloging Unit, including date and initials:   e.g., To Ser/Cat [initials] mm/dd/yr

  1. Printouts:

Make printout of holdings record and check-in card, fold pages and insert in issue with the SDF (Serials Decision Form).

FILL OUT THE SERIALS DECISION FORM for PRINT (and other tangible formats) ONLY

In addition to creating the records above, you must fill out a Serials Decision Form (SDF) to send with the issue for cataloging.  Please fill it out as completely as possible so that the order record and cataloging can be properly processed by Order Unit, Serials Cataloging staff and Post Cataloging Processing Staff.

Send the following package to Serials Cataloging: First issue of new title with printouts and SDF (Serials Decision Form).  If the title is a comes on to a received direct title with no order record already created, first send the issue to the order unit.  They will create an order record for the comes on title with appropriate links to the parent title then forward it on to the Serials Cataloging Unit.

Created: May 8, 2018
Last revised: May 8, 2018
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