Serials — Identifying Successive Entry Changes

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It is the responsibility of the receiving location and the owning location to identify serial title changes and to refer them to the Serials Cataloging Division. Current national cataloging standards require successive entry cataloging in which separate records are created for each title with link notes between the records. (Prior to 1973 title changes were handled by adding “Title varies” notes and added entries to the existing record. You may sometimes still see this treatment on older records for retrospective conversion).

When determining whether a title change has occurred and how to cite the new entry/title, be sure you are looking at the title page. If the item lacks a title page, use the cover title.

A new entry for a serial is required:

  • When there is a major change in the title proper.
  • If there is a change in the heading for a corporate body under which a serial is entered.
  • If the main entry for a serial is under a corporate heading and the body named in that heading is no longer responsible for the serial.

Refer to the RDA Toolkit to help you distinguish between major and minor title changes.

Major Changes:

Minor Changes:

IN CASE OF DOUBT,  create a BadCat ticket asking if the title is in fact a major title change.  Based on the response from your ticket, you can send in for a title change if necessary.

If you are certain that the title change is minor, create a BadCat ticket requesting that the minor title change be added to the bib record.

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