Serials — Closing Serial Holdings Records

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All print serials in Millennium require a holdings record. An inactive title, whether cancelled or ceased, still needs a holdings record on which all items are linked.  Check-in cards may be deleted when no longer needed for new issue receipts or binding.  These procedures may also be used for MVM Holdings Records.

This document does not include instructions on how to close order records, it assumes the order record has already been closed by appropriate staff following established procedures.  See Serials — Closing orders

This document does not include instructions on withdrawing serials, see withdrawal procedures.

This document does not include instructions on “Library Has” Holdings standards.


Canceled: Selector decides that the title is no longer wanted. Notification is sent to the source to cancel the order.

Ceased: Title is no longer being published (includes former (old) titles of title changes).

Holdings Record – Holdings records are linked to Bibliographic Records and have Item Records linked in turn to them. They include a summary of holdings for serials and MVMs for each holding location as well as checkin “cards” for serials.


  • Check that the order record has been properly closed.  If it has not been closed, immediately contact to close order record.
  • Check that the holdings record has the appropriately formatted 090 (call number) and 866/868 (“Library Has” statement).
  • Close “Library Has” 866/868 following established procedures. Include gaps, begin and end dates. Remove from the statement any volumes in NRLF. Guidelines require volumes stored at NRLF be removed from campus holdings.
  • Bind up remaining unbound issues.
  • Delete check-in card.
  • The upload should already be “d DEAD UPL OK” as part of the order record closing procedures, but if it is not, change to d.
  • Clean up holdings record by deleting any erroneous check notes, public display notes, unbound shelving notes, misc int notes, etc. Some types of informational notes may be left in if helpful, eg: “Some issues accompanied by CD-ROM, SerCat has noted” and “TR from EART 1/96”.
  • Do not delete binding information.
  • Insert a check note (n) explaining closing using the standard below. An additional explanatory check note may be added if necessary.

Closed Record – title canceled. <initials> %date

Closed Record – title ceased. <initials> %date

Closed Record – Successive Entry Change. <initials> %date

  • Make sure all item records are linked to the Holdings Record.
  • View the record in public display to make sure the record appears to the public accurately.
  • If you have more than one format such as paper and microfilm or a set 2, you will also need to close these records in a similar manner.
  • If all items are in NRLF add a check note “All volumes in NRLF” and suppress the holdings record.

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