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Closings are done by Acquisitions staff only, regardless of receiving location.  All orders must be closed before serial holdings records can be closed. The one exception to this is EAL, which does its own closings.

Serials orders have one of three statuses, OPEN, CEASED or CANCELLED. Serials orders are not closed unless they have been cancelled or are determined to be ceased. We do not drop orders that have not been cancelled, or have not been confirmed as ceased.

The three statuses are coded accordingly:

Status = Z: Order has been cancelled and supplier notified.

Status = D: Title has ceased. We have confirmed it has ceased via OCLC and/or publisher.

Status = F: An open serials order. A title that has neither been cancelled nor has ceased.

Closing Procedures:

CANCELLED (Status=z)  is primarily used when the selector notifies the appropriate unit that he/she no longer wants The Library to receive a serial title. It is also used in cases where a title has ceased in print (see below for detail), but is continuing in online format only. The Acquisitions Department Staff notifies the supplier to cancel a purchase or gift.

  • The status code in the order record for the serial title is changed to z CANCELLED.
  • A vendor note is added with the date of cancellation and the selector’s initials and unit or branch and the reason for cancelling and the action taken to cancel.
  • A standardized internal note is added to allow us to find all cancelled titles each year: %date Cancelled FYxx per xx. <initials>
  • The Holdings record Upload is changed to d DEAD UPL OK.   Any boxes not due on the order are deleted and a last blank NULL box is added with a staff note indicating the order has been cancelled per selector.  If no more issues are expected, change the card status to FILLED.  The shelving location is notified to close the record.

CEASED (Status=d) Only use status d for titles that have been confirmed as ceased.

  • It is not always easy to determine whether a title has ceased. Sometimes vendors will consider it ceased when it is not actually ceased. We do not code a title as ceased unless we can confirm it as ceased via OCLC or publisher.
  • If the title has been reported ceased by the vendor, but can’t be confirmed as ceased, the title will remain open (status=f), the card will be updated to have only one expected box with a date far in the future, and the box will be noted to say it is reported ceased but not confirmed. Acquisitions staff will investigate as time permits. If evidence is found that other libraries have received further issues, Acquisitions will claim the issues from the vendor.
  • If a title has not been received for several years, and Acquisitions staff are unable to determine it is ceased, staff will refer the title for a selector decision to keep open (status=f) because we want any future issues that may appear, or to cancel (status=z), we no longer want the title.
  • When Library staff determines that a title has ceased, orders are closed out as described above, but using status=d, rather than status=z.
  • If ceased titles resume publication, the selector is notified so that they may choose whether or not to reopen the order.
  • When a title has ceased, the Serials Cataloging Unit is notified to update the bibliographic record.
  • Ceased in print: When a title has ceased print publication, but continues to be published online, the print order will be cancelled.



If the title is a gift only and it is being received directly in the subject specialty library, they may choose to close their own order records following the procedures above.  Staff without order record update should notify to close order record.

If orders are cancelled or ceased, funding will be realigned during the next annual budget cycle.

The exact reason for closing the order record, what actions have been take to stop receiving a title and who did what must be accurately and specifically stated in the vendor note.  This information is critical for staff that receive and process incoming serial material.  This information tells them exactly what to do with material that may continue to come on a closed order.


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