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Author: Judith Weeks
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Claiming late issues in the card tab.

  • This is accomplished by using the dropdown menu Tools | Card function | Claim. Using this dropdown menu choice will change the function to a claiming function and claiming options and buttons will become available on the screen.  Or you can right click over any box, hover over Card Function and select Claim.
  • Click on the box you want to claim to highlight it. Select the Claim One button to claim issues individually, including forced claims (for example, the individual issue has not reached a late status). It is always possible to individually claim issues, even if the status is not late.  It is not mandatory that an issue have the status of “Late” in order to claim it.
  • Select the Claim All button to claim highlighted issues as a group, following the explanation above.
  • Select individual issues or groups of issues as necessary, following the explanation above, using <Ctrl> or <Shift> as appropriate.
  • Make sure the order number for your record appears in the claim box pop up window. If it does not, click on the record number box.  This will bring up the order record for you to choose.  Select your order record and click Use Selected Order and it will appear in the Order for Claim box.  This is important so that the order number will appear on the claim slip.

If you have any notes to the vendor, you have 28 characters to add to the note box which will print on the claim.  Add this same note in the staff note field in the box you are claiming.

If there is a vendor note on the holdings record it will print on the claim form. (EG: “COMES ON o12345678”)




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