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This procedure describes what to do after the course is over.

Note: Processing information for creating the course and adding items to it can be found in: Reserves: putting items on reserve

This guide shows how to:

Mark items Inactive
Delete course records/reserves-taking-items-off-reserve
Suppress course records and Item records
Deleting Item/Bib Records Created For Reserves
Best Practices for Reserves – End of the Semester
Search OskiCat to see the public view of records

Marking items as Inactive:

A course record is considered active if at least one active record is attached to the course record. A course record is considered inactive if all of its attached records are inactive or if no records are attached to the course record.

Either remove all items from the course record or change all item statuses to inactive. Inactive reserve items do not appear in OskiCat reserve lists, and items that are owned by a library unit will display with their original information (location, item type, etc.)

To mark an item as inactive:

  1. Select the desired course record
  2. Select/highlight the item line from the list of materials on reserve
  3. Click on Change Status button
  4. A pop-up window will allow you to change the item from active to inactive (as well as location and item type).
  5. Click the cell to mark as Inactive in the Item status section.
  6. You have two options, you can select “until end of the course” or until a date of your choice.
  7. Click OK to confirm course reserve setting.
  8. A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click OK.


(To save a Course Record for a Future Semester)

Suppressed records are invisible to public in Web OPAC

  1. Open course record
  2. Click EDIT
  3. Double Click COURSE CODE 3 field
  4. Select SUPPRESS (n)
  5. Click OK

You may also suppress item records. The bib and item templates in the Course Reserve mode have been set up to be automatically suppressed when created. This way a suppressed item record that is created for reserves is not found in the Web OPAC by the general public, but is listed on the course record. For example, if a patron searches for T-Rex and the Crater of Doom by title in OskiCat, they will only see copies that are owned by the library and not the professor’s personal copy.

To mark an item record as suppressed:

  1. Select the item from the course list
  2. Right-click the line of the item(s), and select View Bib and Item(s)
  3. Click the EDIT button (located in the item record; not the Edit tool bar button)
  4. Double-click the ITEM CODE 2 field
  5. Select SUPPRESS, and click OK
  6. Click SAVE button

NOTE: After the class is done, you may mark the item as inactive, and suppress the course record to make it invisible to the public. This will save the course record for a later date or semester, and will keep the same list of items attached to the record.


– Deleting items from a course record/Deleting Course Records:

  1. First choose the course record you would like to delete items from, and highlight an item on the course list.
  2. Click the SELECT button.
  3. Click on “Remove Items or Bibs” button
  4. A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click on YES.
  5. Once all items on the course record have been deleted, a pop-up window will ask, “There are no items remaining that are attached to this course. Do you want to delete it?” Click, YES, to delete course record from Millennium. If you click, NO, the course record will still be viewable in Millennium.
    • If you deleted all the items from the course record, and clicked NO to the above question you may also delete course records by clicking the EDIT button. Then from the menu bar: File | Delete Course Record.
  • To move an item on the course record list to a different section of the list, click the line of the material to be moved, and then click the MOVE button. This will prompt a pop-up window that allows you to select what number to move the item to within the list of materials on reserve for the course. Moving an item on the course record list allows you to sort the list by your library’s preference, these changes in order display in OskiCat.

Deleting reserve items and reserve bibs

When you need to place an item on reserve that is not in the catalog, like an article photocopy, you are creating a bib and item record. Reserve staff can delete reserve item records and bibs as long as no cat date was filled in in the bib record. See notes below for steps to take if you are unable to edit/delete the reserve bib for a personal copy not previously existing in OskiCat.

Here are the steps for deleting a reserve item record:

  1. Delete (remove) the item from the course record
  2. Open up the Search/Hold mode (navigation button on left side)
  3. Search and select the title of the item(s) you wish to delete
  4. In the Summary Tab, make sure to select “Item” in the view drop down box
  5. Highlight the item line, click the Delete box (located between the “Hold Selected Item” and the “Move” buttons).
  6. Click OK to Confirm. Item record deleted!

Deleting reserve bib records created for personal copies:

  1. If you created a reserve bib record for a personal copy, before deleting the bib please:Delete the reserve item record you created.Verify no other attached records exist by changing the view to Summary and selecting ALL to view all record types.If no attached items exist, you can delete the bib record by following these steps:Click the edit button to edit the bib record.Chose File/Delete Bibliographic record. If you can not edit the bib record or delete it because it has a catdate, please submit an OskiCat helpdesk ticket and ask for help gathering all your reserve personal copy bib records for your review, and Systems can remove the cat date for you.  More information on cat date is here: Cat Date: How to Update and Why It Matters

Best Practices for Course Reserves – End of Semester

There are a few different ways to ensure that all course records are removed from the OPAC and all item records are unlinked from the courses at the end of the semester. Additionally, Millennium allows reserves processors to store course reserve records, as well as bib/item records created for course reserves, for use in future semesters; there are procedures for suppressing and saving this information.

For item records that need to be returned to their original status:

  1. If you have manually set an inactive date in the course settings, Millennium will automatically make the item records inactive and revert them back to their original status (item type location, etc.) on the set date. You can also wait until the end of the semester; the automatic Millennium procedure is the same. However, be aware that patrons will begin to see the original shelving location immediately, so all items should be removed from their reserve shelf location and re-shelved or placed in transit if owned by another library.
  2. If you want to remove the items manually, simply highlight the item(s) you want to remove and click the remove items button. Millennium will automatically restore the original status. If you remove all items from a course record, Millennium will prompt you for what you want to do with the course record (see more information below).

For bib/item records that were created specifically for the course:

See above for instructions on deleting bib records created for reserves. In order to remove the bib/item from the OPAC, you will have to delete the item record (or mark it inactive) and suppress or delete the bib record (if you used the reserve bib template for creating the bib record, it is automatically suppressed). Delete the bib record unless you expect to use it again.

For course records that need to be suppressed/deleted:

  1. If you are sure you are never going to use the course record again, you can delete the course record entirely.
  2. If you want to save the course record, go into the course record and change the status to suppress. This will hide the record from the OPAC, but staff will be able to search for it and reuse it in the course reserves mode.


  1. Open OskiCat
  2. Select Course Reserve search:
    • Department Name and Course Number Search
    • Instructor Search
  3. Type course or instructor, and click the SEARCH button
    • Results are either exact course record or browse list
  4. Click the course to see list of materials.
  5. Click a specific item to see location and status.
    • If reserve processor did not select the appropriate unit sub location in order to display that the item in on Course Reserve.

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