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To designate items in your unit as being on Permanent Reserve (not course reserve), you have four options:

  1. Create a course record called “Permanent Reserve – Engineering” (enter your unit) and change the course setting to reflect an end date of your choice (something far into the future would work). This record does not have to show up in the OPAC if you suppress the course record from public view; it will remain viewable to staff searching in Millennium. Add all permanent reserves items to this course. Note: this may skew your unit’s statistics by inflating the number of course reserve checkouts and the number of items you have placed on reserve.
  2. If your unit already has a permanent reserve sub-location, change the location of all permanent reserves items to your unit’s permanent reserve sub-location. If your unit does not have a permanent reserve sub-location, you can request to have one set up for you. Note: creating a new sub-location may prove difficult, if your unit does not already have a permanent reserve sub-location you should choose one of the other options.
  3. In the item record, change the sub-location to your unit’s Course Reserve sub-location, and change the iType to one of the reserve iTypes (88-93). This is an option whether your permanent reserves and course reserves are filed separately or are interfiled.
  4. If you don’t have a reserve sub-location, change the iType to a reserve iType (88-93) and shelve in with your general collection. These items will circulate like a reserve item, but are interfiled in your unit’s general collection location. See the list of Reserve item types.

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