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If a professor requests to add an item to their course reserve list that does not already have an item and/or bib record in Millennium (e.g. professors’ personal copies, electronic resources without an individual bib, or uncataloged items ordered for reserve) use the following procedure. If multiple copies of the same title are needed on reserve, each physical item should have its own item record (and its own barcode) and all should be attached to a single bib record.

Also see: Other information about putting material on reserve and taking material off reserve

If a bib (title) record already exists in Millennium, skip to Creating Item records for Reserve below.

Creating bib records for Reserve:

Once the course record has been created, you may begin adding materials to the course reserve list. Search carefully to verify the title does not already exist in OskiCat.

  • Click the NEW button (top section of the screen), or use the keyboard shortcut, Crtl+N. You can also go to File | New Record | New Bibliographic.
  • You will need to select a template to create a bib record. Please select the “CircResrvB – Reserve Bib Record” template.
  • The following fields will pop-up:
    • Add a Note, then click NEXT (if no note is necessary, just click NEXT)
    • Author, then NEXT
    • Title, then NEXT
    • NOTE: A Note will automatically be added to all reserve bibs that reads “reserve bib”. Do not delete this note; it will help with future cleanup to delete unused bibs.
  • NOTE: Do NOT fill in the “Cat Date” field. If you do, you will not be able to delete this bib record when the course is over This is one of several issues discussed in the Cat Date document .
  • The bib record has now been created and you should next add items to the bib.

Creating Item records for Reserve

If you are attaching a new item record to an existing bib, you must first click on Attach New Item and then proceed with the procedure below. If you have just created the bib, you will automatically begin creating the item without having to click on Attach New Item.

  • Select the template “reserve Item for course reserve” 
  • Choose the next available copy number for this item
  • Select the desired reserve item type (reserve item types)
  • In location, enter your unit’s reserve sub location
  • Choose a call number for this personal copy (do not add the copy number to the call number you create. This has been done above)
  • Record any needed reserve notes (e.g. “return to Professor Smith at end of semester”).
  • Add a barcode to the personal copy (If you do not want to place a barcode on the professor’s book, wrap a slip of paper around the front cover and place the barcode on the paper)
  • Click SAVE. The item has been created.
  • If you are creating an item for an electronic resource you must:
    • Click edit at top of screen,
    • Click insert.
    • Change the index to y Misc.
    • Replace 999 with the MARC tag 856.
    • Enter |u followed by the URL for the electronic resource (e.g. |u will display as
    • If you prefer to display text rather than the web address itself, include a |z after the web address, then type the text you wish to display. (e.g. |u|zGo Bears! will display as Go Bears!
    • Click Save
    • Click Summary
  • The item must now be added to the course record using the Adding items to a course record procedure

If you have chosen the reserve item record template, the item record will automatically be suppressed so the public can only see the item created for reserve on the course reserve list, and not when they search the title.

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Adding link to creating the course record
Fri, 01/27/2012 – 10:15 — dhsiao
In the section that begins:
Creating bibs for Reserve:
Once the course record has been completed….
it might be helpful to have “course record has been completed” (maybe change “completed” to “created”?) link to the instructions for creating the course record ( course ).
Or, you could add this link to the intro section.

This document’s
Thu, 06/16/2011 – 11:33 — Matthew Prutsman
This document’s title:
How to Add a Personal Copy of a Title that Exists in the Catalog
seems wrong since the first section is for items that DON’T already appear in the catalog. Either we should change the title add the creation of bib part to a separate document.

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