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The “Refer for Replacement” procedures begin here.



Selectors will send the unit designees lists only of the billed not paid items they wish to replace.  These instructions apply to the records related to those items.

1.  For a Billed Not Paid item with a selector decision to replace if not returned, add the internal note (note: there are two spaces between the “e” in date and the staff’s initials):

%date  Selector decision: Replacement desired.   [initials]

Note: The internal note is critical. For consistency, you should create a macro.  Macros: How to Create and Use

2. Email the replacement order Excel document to the Ordering Unit: Leave all formatting and structure in the Excel document intact.

If the original item has been billed and not paid, it should remain billed and not paid.  Do not create a new item record and move data from the old item record as a means to withdraw the item.  Do not check the item in as a means to withdraw.  The outstanding bill is linked to the original item record.  The checkout and bill cannot be moved to the new item record.

ONLY system processes should set or change the status.

  • Item status “n” (billed, not paid) should NEVER be changed manually to another status.
  • Item status should NEVER be set manually to “n” (billed, not paid).
  • Items with item status “n” should NEVER be withdrawn.
  • Billed Not Paid items/bibliographic records will be batch suppressed by Library Systems.

Holds on Billed Not Paid Items will be sent to the holds@lists experts for resolution prior to batch suppression.

Replacing Billed Not Paid Items:

If the billed and not paid item is being replaced, when it arrives a new item record for the new copy will be created and designated with the appropriate copy number (i.e. copy 2).  The statistics in the new item record will reflect the circulation of the replacement since it was added to the collection. The statistics in the billed not paid item will remain as is.  If the original item is ever returned, it can easily be reinstated from item status “zw” (withdrawn).

See also: Refer for replacement overview procedures

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Author: Charis Takaro
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Updated email contact line to
Fri, 09/18/2015 – 10:24 — Jenna Kreiss-Wint…
Updated email contact line to make uniform between RFR documents, using text provided by Rico’s updated Jan 2015 and made email address clickable.

This document doesn’t include
Mon, 05/20/2013 – 11:25 — Laura Pfister
This document doesn’t include the step where an excel spreadsheet is forwarded to Orderdiv, as indicated in the Next steps portion of the Refer for Replacement: Billed Not Paid document, as part of step 5. Frankly, I think the exisistence of multiple documents that basically say the same thing but inconsistently, and with varying degrees of information, is redundant and very confusing.

Clarified repl
Wed, 09/05/2012 – 16:47 — Charis Takaro
Clarified that the new item is not created for the replacement until it arrives (ie, not at the time of selector decision to reorder)

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