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Refer for Replacement Procedures for Missing and Billed Items:

Next Steps for “Billed/Not Paid” Lists

The “Refer for Replacement” procedures begin here.

The next steps for the “Billed/Not Paid” lists continue in this document. Please note that items that are billed and not paid may be returned some time after they are billed – their presence on the list is not an indication that they will never come back.

5.   The unit designees add an internal note to indicate an order has been requested. Please see the detailed instructions for the unit designee edits.

For these lists the status should not be changed — just an internal note added.  These items must not be withdrawn as they are still checked out.  Step-by-step instructions and screenshots for unit designees are available here  Use the following phrase and format for the internal note:

%date  Selector decision: Replacement desired.  [initials]

For ease and consistency, it is best to create a Macro for this note: Macros: How to Create and Use

Email the replacement order Excel document to the Ordering Unit: Leave all formatting and structure in the Excel document intact.

6.  Systems will run a program to batch suppress (but not withdraw) the item records quarterly.  Those records will be suppressed for users but visible to selectors by logging in to OskiCat or through the Millennium staff client.  Items should not be withdrawn manually by library staff and should not be withdrawn programmatically.  These records will be systematically suppressed.

7.  Systems and circulation staff will identify and address items with holds.

Library Systems staff will cull items from the batch suppression list that have bib holds or item holds and send those lists to for circulation experts to resolve.  The circulation experts will resolve all holds within 48 hours, transferring to another copy when possible, leaving the hold as is if a replacement has been ordered, or notifying the patron to request by interlibrary loan.

8. Unsuppressed holdings records linked to these items will be reported to cataloging units for manual withdrawal of the HOLDINGS (not the item) according the withdrawal procedure.

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