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Use one of the forms below from the withdrawal slip. These options are the only text available for these notes. Any further information can be given in an additional note. Use an Internal Note for item records, a Check Note for holdings records:

Reason Definition
damaged The item is no longer in usable condition and will not be repaired
deselected The item should no longer be part of the collection per selector decision (see Optional Decision Reasons below, which may be added after initials). This category covers a wide range of reasons an item in hand may be removed from the collection.
missing The item was lost by a patron or is missing from the collection. Staff should not be manually withdrawing missing/billed items as these are withdrawn quarterly by Systems. This note may be entered by staff in HOLDINGS records where the manual holdings partial or complete withdrawal is done following batch withdrawal of the items by Systems.
in lieu of storage * Item was selected for deposit at the Northern or Southern Regional Library Facility but was discovered to be duplicated at that facility and therefore were withdrawn from the campus collection
contributed to DSP * Contributed to a Designated Shared Print CollectionItem was withdrawn from the campus collection and contributed to a designated shared collection such as the JSTOR archive
exists in DSP * Withdrawn due to existence of Designated Shared Print CollectionItems that were withdrawn from the campus collection due to the availability of those materials in a designated shared print collection
contributed to Fed Docs Contributed to Digital Repository US Fed Docs projectItem was withdrawn from the campus collection and contributed to a designated shared collection


* Denotes UCOP defined reason and definition

Optional decision reasons for “deselected” supplied by the Selector, to be added following initials

  • low-circ duplicate
  • serials cancellation project
  • title is available online/electronically
  • title is no longer suitable for the collection
  • [other unit-specific reasons as needed]

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