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Printing Date Due Slips: YES  (Page # 100045)

Standard Circulation Desk screen

Option 1:  Uncheck before checkout (displays everytime you switch back to Circ Desk)

Option 2:  Leave checked.  Check out material, click CLOSE, then cancel when printer prompt appears

WARNING: If you select option 2 and decide to print the checkouts for a patron, all later checkout transactions will print automatically without a prompt if the Print Slip box is checked, including Renewals.

Other notes:

  • Printing anything other than Checkouts and Renewals (ie. Search/Hold) does not set  checkouts to auto-print.
  • On the check-in screen (patron present) the “print receipt” box is unselected by default

Legacy Data

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Author: P. Soriano
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Created: April 28, 2016
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