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Sometimes wanding a patron barcode in Circulation Desk retrieves multiple patron records. This document describes a quick, simple, and accurate way to handle this situation. Staff member wands barcode (for example, 999000010) in Millennium Circulation Desk:

Two (or more) records are retrieved. The first has barcode 999000010 (an exact match), and the second has barcode 99900001014 (matches through the first 9 characters).

Staff member then adds a pipe character (“|”) to the end of the barcode in the Search box and clicks on the Search button. Note that the pipe is a vertical bar. It’s usually found on your keyboard on the same key as the “\” on the upper right side of the keyboard.

The patron record with an exact match on the barcode is retrieved. Staff verifies patron name and possibly other patron data and proceeds with checkout.

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Created: April 27, 2016
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