Overriding Holds

Author: Peter Soriano
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An override of a hold is required when a patron attempts to check out an item and a previous hold already exists. This can happen if an item has been paged for a patron, paged for Reserves, or if the item was previously on search for another patron.  All SLE’s now have the authorization to do this override.

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding with an override, verify that the hold is not for Reserves or a departmental account by searching the item record, and viewing the Patron Name in the holds tab.  If it is, SLE’s should contact their supervisor. Supervisors should fulfill the hold for reserves and tell the patron that the item cannot be checked out as it it going to be put on reserve for a course.

When an item already having a Title- or Item-Level hold for another patron is checked out, the following three dialog boxes will pop-up.

Choosing “Yes” and “OVERRIDE” checks the item out to the patron at the desk for 7 days with no renewal, and keeps the hold for the original patron, be sure to advise the patron checking the item out of this.

If the hold is a Title-Level hold, and there is only one pageable copy on campus, the hold remains as a recall.  If there is more than one available pageable copy on campus, the request will jump to the second location and appear on the second library’s paging list the following morning.

If the item to be checked out was pulled from the holdshelf (or has status ON HOLDSHELF), the following message will appear.If SLE’s or staff encounter this dialog box while checking out an item from the holdshelf, STOP. There is a possibility the wrong item was taken from the holdshelf. The second dialog box indicates the item is on the holdshelf, and not that a hold exists as in the previous example.

If you see this message, you should NOT override the hold. Status ON HOLDSHELF indicates the original patron would have been emailed that the book was being held for them for 7 days. If you determine that you grabbed the wrong item, click “NO” and start again. If the book is correct, SLE’s should contact your supervisor to investiagte the issue.

If this occurs, supervisors should check the item level hold tab and check the call number (including copy and volume number) and barcode to ensure it is not just two different copies of the same item on the holdshelf.

Libraries should check in items from paging lists/slips at least twice a day to minimize the chances of a patron finding items with existing holds on the shelf.

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Author: Peter Soriano
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CSG Updates 7-20-15 and 12-22-15
Mon, 07/20/2015 – 15:03 — Jenna Jackson
Updates document to reflect new SLE authorizations and to add steps for supervisors to take per discussion at CSG meeting.
Updated 12-22-15 to include information for what supervisors should do if message item on holdshelf for patron# appears.

Will there be a screen shot
Wed, 05/14/2014 – 10:52 — Mark Marrow
Will there be a screen shot of how circulation staff can check to see for whom the hold is for (i.e. Reserves or departmental accounts)?

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