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This procedure covers what to do if an un-cataloged book is received at a subject specialty library and an on the fly record must be created in either the Cataloging or Serials/Acquisitions Module to send to Cataloging & Metadata Services.

If you are looking for the procedure to create an on the fly record for the purposes of checking an item out to a patron see On the fly record creation (for checkout).

These instructions are not for analytics, as this material requires more complex treatment.


These instructions are for books which are received at subject specialty libraries and are sent to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging.  Along with these OTF instructions also consult the document Sending Monographic Materials to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging. The goal is to not create a full bibliographic and/or item record.

On the contrary, staff should create a brief bibliographic record with an incomplete item record attached.  These records will enable staff to keep track of the material. The lower-level nature of these OTF records will help signal to Cataloging & Metadata Services staff that these records need cataloging.  Some branches may have local needs which require the inclusion of additional fields in the brief bibliographic record.  Please include these fields as determined locally.  However, please do not include any extraneous information in the item record which is not present in these instructions (e.g. volume fields, etc.).

Before you begin, ensure you have all of the proper templates ready to be prompted:

1) Go to Admin-> Settings

2) Under the New Records tab: Look for the text at the very bottom of the screen “Records to attach to new bibliographic records”.  Check the box next to Item.

3) Still in Admin -> Settings,    click the Record Templates tab


a: Select “Record Type” Item and ensure that CircOTFm is among those saved under the “Preferred Template” list.  If not, move it to the “Preferred Template” list by highlighting it in the “Other Template” list and moving it using the arrows between the lists.

b: make sure that Circ OTF On the Fly Circ bib is in the Preferred Templates under Record Type Bib

5) Click on “Save Settings” to save the change to your login, or click on “OK” to save them for the current session only. If you are unable to save the settings, see your supervisor.

A few reminders before we begin:

1) When the book in hand completely matches an existing bib record on:




Publishing information

Last numbered page

Do not follow these instructions.  This book does not need to be sent to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging.

Attach a new Item record to this exact match bib record by following the instructions from the video tutorial, part 4 for Adding Copies on the Fly.  For further information on Item Records, see Item Records: When and How to Use Them.

2) The final product you create should be a brief bibliographic record with an Item record that lacks a call number attached.

3) Do not key call number or volume fields in your OTF Item record.  If you desire to add call number or volume number, include it as part of the Tracking note.  Cataloging & Metadata Services staff should make the distinction between books in a series and parts of MVM sets.


1)  Search by title for the material in hand.

2)  Title is not found, click on the Newicon on the top of the screen.

a) If the title is found and returns a bibliographic record that exactly matches on:

Author, Title, Edition, Publishing information and last numbered page

Follow the instructions for Adding copies On the Fly in Millennium and do not send the book for cataloging to Cataloging & Metadata Services.

b) If you are unsure the book in hand exactly matches the record in Millennium, continue with these instructions.

3) The following window pops-up.  Highlight “CircOTF: On the Fly Circ bib” and click Select.

4) You will be prompted for the location.  Key the two-letter code for your branch. Click Next.

5) You will be prompted to enter the author in the 100.  Key the author as Last Name, First Name. Click Next.

6) You will be prompted to enter the title in 245.  Key the title, omitting initial (the, a, etc.) articles. Click Next.

7) You will now see your newly created bibliographic record, and be prompted to create a new item record.

Item record prompt
Your new bib information


A) Click on CircOTFm, and click Select.

B) Note that the CircOTF bibliographic template automatically suppresses the bib record.  Thus, the item attached will also be suppressed.  There is no need to further suppress the item.

8) Follow the prompt and key in the two-letter location code.  Click Next.

9) At the prompt, default is 1 and should always be Copy No. 1.  Click Next.

10) You will be prompted to enter the barcode.

a) Affix an item barcode to hardback books on the inside of the back cover or a piggyback barcode to soft back books on the back of the title page (remember do not cover information)

b) Scan the barcode into the prompt.  Click Next.

11) You will be prompted to enter a call number.  DO NOT key in a call number! Leave the 090 field blank. Click Next.

12) In the Label Location prompt, key the four-letter label location in all capital letters.

13) Click the Insert icon at the top of the screen.

14) Select Tracking Note from the drop-down menu.  Key a brief note, include the date and your login initials. Click OK.

i) example:  To add date: %date  Sent to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging tstm

ii) example: To add date: %date  Vol. 1 sent to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging tslnm

15) Click on the status field and change the status of the item to “p In Process.”

16) Click the Save icon at the top of the screen.  You have now created a brief bibliographic and item record and the book can be sent to Cataloging & Metadata Services!

Note this item does not have a call number or volume field.  If this information is needed by the subject specialty library, please only include this information in the Tracking note.  The information in the Item record above is all the information Cataloging & Metadata Services staff need for cataloging.

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