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New Deposits – no volumes have been deposited previously by the owning location

Inactive titles – title is not currently received

Note: If the title is inactive—i.e., no further issues are expected to be received—but there is still a check-in card on the holdings record, owning location staff first must close the record according to the procedure “Closing Serial Holdings Records.”

Depositing PORTION of set – some volumes will remain on campus

Owning location tasks (after pulling volumes from campus shelves):

Item records:  (use “Modify Group” function for these edits)

  1. set Status to STORAGE PREP
  2. Holdings record:
  3. add a Misc Internal Note (r) in the form:  %date  v.[N-NN] pulled for NRLF [initials]
  4. e.g.  20100526 v.1(1980)-21(2000) pulled for NRLF tstp
  5. edit the Holdings field (866) to show only volumes remaining on campus, i.e. remove volumes being deposited

NRLF tasks (after receiving volumes):

Item records:

  1. unlink from campus holdings record
  2. change campus location code to NRLF location code
  3. set Status to AVAILABLE
  4. edit Item Code 1 field
  5. add NRLF Note
  6. if necessary, change Item Message and OPAC Message fields for Building Use Only and Restricted items (if items are neither, set both values to – (dash))
  7. make any other changes as needed
  8. NRLF holdings record: create a new holdings record for NRLF, then:
  9. add Holdings field (866) with holdings deposited
  10. link item records for deposited items

Campus holdings record:

  • delete Misc. Int. Note

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Last revised: December 21, 2016
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