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Author: James Lake
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How to use “Modify Group” in Millennium:

– Go to the summary for the record you want to edit and select ALL items that you want to change.
– Chose “Edit” up on the menu bar and select Modify Group”.
– In “Modify Group” choose the field you wish to edit (for example: “Item Type”) as the “Field”.
– Then chose “Edit” (there are only two choices here, “File” and “Edit”), and select “Find”.

“Find” will be what does all the work for you. It’s really just a search and replace tool. So in the “Find what”, you select the code you want to find. In the “Replace with” box you should select the code you want to replace the found code with.


– Modify group appears to not correctly invoke %date, so if you are adding a note with a date, you’ll need to fill in the date in the standard form manually.

If you have additional Modify Group tips please add them.

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