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There are two types of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the Millennium Client:

  • Underlined letters
  • Programmed shortcuts

Underlined letters

Underlined letters are relatively simple and consistent. When you see an underlined letter, you can use the Alt key in combination with that letter.
For instance, in the screen below offers the following shortcuts, among others:

  1. Alt+F (menu shortcut) File menu
  2. Alt+W (list shortcut) View options (currently set to Hold)
  3. Alt+R (button shortcut) Hold Copy Returned Soonest

When you open a menu or drop-down list, and there are underlined letters in the menu or list, don’t use the Alt key with those letters. In other words, if you open the File menu with Alt+F and you want to choose Select Printer (the “t” is underlined), just press “t”.

If there are initial letters in a drop-down list, just press the letter:

If there neither underlined letters nor initial letters, you can use the cursor keys to move up and down within the menu or list, and then press Enter.

Programmed shortcuts

Programmed shortcuts are arbitrary keys. They don’t follow a pattern.

There are a couple of ways to find them.

  • The online manual has a list HERE.
  • You see them when you invoke an entry in the menus:
  • If an icon has an equivalent shortcut, it will appear in a tooltip when you hover the mouse cursor over the icon.

Other pages about macros:

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