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Use this procedure ONLY if you are Privileges Desk staff and:

– The patron has indicated they want to pay immediately for an item they know is lost

– The patron has NOT YET been billed

– The item status must be “-” (appears as DUE xxxx) to use this procedure. Do not use this procedure if the status is $ or n.

This is critical to preserve circulation/billing history necessary for accounting for what is being billed.

How to mark an item as LOST so a patron can pay for it

Items checked out to individual patrons who have lost Library items and need to replace/pay for the item:

Access the patron’s account in Circulation Desk mode

Locate the item that the patron wants to pay for in the patron’s list of checked-out items

Select the item by clicking on the check box next to it

Click on the “Mark Lost Items” button to retain the charges for the lost item under the patron’s account. NOTE: If the item has already been billed, do not mark the item as lost, as the patron will be double-billed for the same item. The patron should pay for the item. This will cause the item to be changed to the “billed-paid” status, effectively referring it to the selector for withdrawal/replacement. Patron may pay for the item only at the Privileges Desk via check or credit or debit card (not at any other branch or location). Patrons can also pay online via their MyOskiCat account.

A new window will appear. Click “Add Bills”. Add bill. If the item costs more than the $150 default replacement cost, click the “Update bill” button first to adjust the replacement bill amount, then click “Add bill”.

The new charges will immediately be reflected in the patron’s “Fines” tab. Send patron to Privileges Desk to pay the bill.

Withdraw the item according to the withdrawal procedures.

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