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Historical Overview

Tracking down items that have a status IN TRANSIT (t) for longer than expected is important for both collection management and good public service. Prior to the implementation of Universal Returns, patrons had been blocked and sometimes billed if items set in transit from a non-owning unit had not been checked in at the owning unit fast enough.  The Integrated Library System Advisory Group requested a process be implemented for reporting IN TRANSIT items. The Notifications New Processes Team report echoed the need for an IN TRANSIT report.

What is it?

The generic circulation unit email address receives an email notification of items that have been IN TRANSIT for seven days. The program that identifies these records runs seven days a week.  Your unit receives an email only if there are items which pertain to your unit. The email has the subject:

Outstanding items in transit involving <unit name>

It looks like this:

**Outstanding items in transit involving your unit**

1- Search for the item.

2- ITEMS YOU FIND: check in and handle according to the instructions displayed on the check-in screen.

3- ITEMS NOT FOUND: report to the owning unit. If the location starts with “n*” notify NRLF – NRLF will perform step 4 for n* items.

4- If the location does not start with n, the owning unit does the following:
– Change the In Transit Message “m” to an Internal Note “x” (right click on the field tag “Message” and select “Edit Field”), add today’s date (%date substitution phrase) and “Lost In Transit” at the beginning of the note.
– Next, check item in.  If prompted to deal with a hold on the item, choose ‘Check in, do not fulfill hold.’
– Place item on search by changing its Status to “m”.
– If item is not found in subsequent searches (codes 1-3), contact the To and From units and request that they perform a search for these items as well.

Home Location: NRLF
From: ILL
Barcode: $B 87 293;TEMP912901
Call Number: 961.D396.my
Title: My son, the law
Message: ILL: CGL6012552;Tue Dec 22 2009 12:44PM: IN TRANSIT from circilp to nbmau

How are these items selected?

Any item that has been in transit for seven days will be emailed to two or three units for searching: the owning unit, the IN-TRANSIT To unit and the IN-TRANSIT FROM unit based on the initials in the Message field. In most cases the owning unit will be either the In-Transit TO or FROM location. It is recommended that all units search for these IN TRANSIT items daily, to expedite the appropriate action taken for each found or not found item.

Legacy Data

Author: Charis Takaro
Approval Group: CSG
Update Group: CSG
Last updated date: 08/11/14

Created: May 26, 2016
Last revised: November 30, 2016
Review date: None set

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