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The location WEB “wb” exists in our system to provide a means for allowing OskiCat searches to be limited to titles which are “available online”, based on the presence of the location “wb” in the bibliographic record for qualifying titles. The location “wb” in the bibliographic record is maintained based on the presence or absence of an item record with location “wb” nightly by the system. This location should never display to the public in OskiCat – it simply allows the limit to online resources to function. Note that edit of location wb is limited to those with the Technical Services scope.


Bibliographic records: DO NOTHING

Maintained by the system nightly based on item records. No need to edit the bibliographic location to add or remove location “wb”.

Holdings records: DO NOT USE

Holdings records are not appropriate for location “wb”. The primary functions of holdings records are not relevant for the web location, as public display is not desired. Holdings records with a location of “wb” may be deleted by Systems as part of annual database cleanup.


If you encounter a bib record with an 856 with first indicator 4 and second indicator 0 or 1 that lacks an item record with location “wb”, contact eproblem@library.berkeley.edu.


  • All orders for purchased web resources need to be represented by an order record with location “wb.”  Acquisitions staff use location “wb” to identify web orders for payments, maintenance, statistics, and record cleanup purposes.  Web orders require regular maintenance to assure accurate payment processing and prevent loss of access.
  • Queries using location “wb” are used to collect appropriate subsets of web records, which are inspected and updated as needed.  The “wb” location is also used to identify child records when the Library maintains print + online subscriptions as a package deal.
  •  Location “wb” in order records causes new web orders to display as “ordered for Web Resource” in OskiCat.  This informs patrons that web access is forthcoming.

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