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This procedure pertains to items that circulate for seven days or less.

Examples: Reference, serials (in some units), reserves, locked case/rare, NRLF restricted and Building Use Only, Bancroft, Pacific Film Archive, Archival Negatives, library use only, same day loan, non-circulating, restricted, etc.

For item guidelines, use the general documents including the overview, fixed field guide, and variable length field guide. This document only discusses values and policies specific to limited circulation items.

The goals are:

  • – For Millennium Circulation to enforce the rules you set on how long/if something can be used (by location/sublocation plus item type)
  • – For the public to know that they will only be able to check an item out for a limited time or not at all (by public notes)
  • – For staff workflow reasons mostly relating to access to these materials (by staff and public notes)

CAUTION: If a circulation supervisor authorizes overriding of the limited/non-circulation of an item to allow a specific patron to have one time use of that item under more generous rules (ie, overrides a non-circulating item to allow overnight checkout, or extends a one day loan to one week), the patron MUST be warned that they will need to return that material immediately when it is due.  The normal grace periods and renewal options do NOT apply to limited circulation items and immediate billing/blocking/charging of the non-refundable processing charge happens automatically in Millennium.

Item Type

Item type can pertain to limited circulation items in that item types for reserve materials have been defined here, and for monographs (item type 1 and 2) and serials (item type 10 and 11) two item types each are defined to allow libraries flexibility in how those types of materials circulate.  Full item type list here.  Note that a given library may have defined both item type 1 and 2 as circulating for more than 7 days for a given sublocation, but at other libraries the “extra” values of 2 and 11 are used to force millennium circulation to use a limited loan period.

In any case where an item type is assigned that (in conjunction with a given sublocation) forces the material to circulate for seven days or less, an OPACMSG must be assigned to alert patrons. See below.

General circulation loan periods for standard books or serials at a unit need to follow the discipline defaults set by Admin, but item types 2 and 11 allow for exceptions.


The shelving location of the item. Often circulation is controlled by assigning a sublocation such as Reference which has been defined as entirely limited or non-circulating.  If a unit has enough materials that need to circulate under special rules and they are shelved together, a sublocation is the preferred way to have Millennium enforce that circulation policy. Possible values: see the Location Table.


The status of the item, which displays in OskiCat and Melvyl, also controls the circulation rules of an item, overriding the default loan period for the combination of item type/location.

These statuses apply to limited circulation items:

o LIB USE ONLY (can not be removed from the building)

This status should only be used when it is impossible to use a combination of item type and sublocation to limit the circulation of an item (for example, you have two copies of a book on the same shelf, and one circulates and one does not).  This is because if this status is changed to something else (for instance, At Bindery, On Exhibit, Missing, etc) and then comes back, it will automatically revert to – (Available), not LIB USE ONLY.   If a circulation supervisor choses to override this status and check an item out to a patron, when it is checked back in it will revert automatically to “o”, giving the impression the system will always revert these to “o”, but that is not the case.

x ASK REFERENCE (may not be used by the public in any circumstance ever, but a surrogate might be made for use if none exists if a patron was willing to pay for this service)

Status “x” is being defined to only apply to situations where a given item will never be usable by the public.  It is expected that all items with this status will be things like archival/master negatives (used by staff to create positives for the public), Bancroft nitrate negatives, etc.  If a patron could ever have access to something with special permission or under certain circumstances, do not use status “x”.

If an item may not be used by the public in any circumstance, AND we would never consider producing a surrogate for them to use, the item record should be suppressed (and if it is the only item on that bib record, the bib should also be suppressed) so that it is not visible to the public in OskiCat or Melvyl.  Most archival and master negatives should not be suppressed, as it is possible that an ILL request or patron request/payment could result in a surrogate being produced for use.

Item Message

Generates a staff pop-up message at checkin and checkout of the item in order to alert circulation staff to restrictions on use (or other special handling).  Does not display to the public.
Use codes as follows:
u USE @ LIB ONLY Optional – use as unit needs designate.
r RESTRICTED USE and b BLDG USE ONLY and s SHAREDPRNT BUO : for NRLF materials only

OPAC Message

Displays a note in the OPAC for the item in order to alert patrons to restrictions on use. This is a standard Millennium field; possible values in OskiCat are set locally.
Possible values:

Use codes as follows:
1 1 DAY LOAN, 2 2 HOUR LOAN, and w 1 WEEK LOAN : required for any item that circulates for one week or less according to its loan rule. OPACMSG fixed field is to be used instead of a STATUS of Library Use Only. The status of Library Use Only is for exceptions to the loan rule – when individual specific items are not allowed to circulate. When the “normal” circumstance is one of these restrictive categories, please use the OPACMSG r

r RESTRICTED USE : Use for locked case/rare materials which may be viewed by patrons under special circumstances. Also used for NRLF materals with a location that ends in _r.
b USE @ LIB ONLY : for NRLF materials with a location that ends in _b. Use for campus materials that do not circulate to the public (all campus Bancroft materials, other library use only materials)

Legacy Data

Author: Charis Takaro
Approval Group: PSC, CSG, BTech, Cataloging and Metadata Council
Update Group: Circulation Services Group
Last updated date: 09/02/15

Archived Comments

Remove outdated values
Fri, 06/08/2012 – 15:46 — Charis Takaro
When this is approved, update this doc to remove ITEM MESSAGE w and to change the OPACMSG b to the value of l and remove l. Also, update RESTRICTED status wording.

Library Use Only
08/16/2016 – Michelle Buchman
Millennium Release 2014 enhancements will allow LUO status to “stick” after check-in – update procedure?

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