Library Book Scanning Process For Users With Print Disabilities – Reference and Reserve Materials

Author: Mark Marrow
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Library Book Scanning Process For Users With Print Disabilities

Berkeley Owned Reference/Non-Circulating and Reserve Items

  • Requester will drop off reference/non-circulating or reserve item to be scanned at the Circulation Desk, present Cal1 ID card and state the item is for scanning.
  • Scan the ID to verify scanning eligibility (see note in patron record). If the eligibility note does not exist in the patron record, for faculty refer to the online request form; for students refer to DSP (Disabled Students’ Program).
  • If the requester is a student, check to be certain library fines/fees owe are not $50 or more. If $50 or more in library fines/fees are owed, please refer the student to the Privileges Desk to pay fees and remove block. Fines/fees may also be paid online via their MyOskicat account.

  • Place a hold on the item for the Circ Sup/Main-Scan departmental account (barcode: MAINSCAN) to be picked up at MAIN Circulation.

  • Select title, call number or barcode from the Index menu in order to place hold.

  • Highlight item and place hold by clicking on the “Hold Selected Item” button. An override of Millennium may be necessary to place holds on reference or reserve items if holds are not permitted by the owning unit.

  • Click on the “Place hold” button to place hold on the available item.

  • When placing an item level hold, Change the pickup location to Main (Gardner) Stacks Circ Desk from your unit’s default location. Add a hold note indicating item is for scanning (e.g. “send to digital imaging lab for patron [insert patron ID number].

  • Check in the item to fulfill the hold, place in transit and print transit slip.
  • Deliver the reference or reserve item to Main Circulation. Do Not Send via Library Mail.
  • Main Circulation staff will check in the item to queue the hold and place on designated shelf for pickup. Although reference and reserve items checked out to Circ Sup/Main-Scan will have a due date one year from date of check out, the items will be given highest priority and scanned within 24-48 hours of being received by Digital Imaging Lab staff.
  • After scanning, Digital Imaging Lab staff will send the items back to MAIN Circulation to be checked in, placed in transit and sent to the owning libraries for reshelving.

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Last updated date: 07/20/15

Archived Comments
Update 6-30-15
Tue, 06/30/2015 – 13:20 — Jenna Jackson
Added note that students can also pay their fines on their MyOskicat accounts if they are blocked and need to pay before items can be scanned.

Updated 6-4-15
Thu, 06/04/2015 – 10:53 — Jenna Jackson
Updates per review of CSG: remove information about adding a tracking note as this is no longer needed and emailing MainScan to notify that an item for scanning is ready to be picked up at Main as they can see when items are on the holdshelf ready to be picked up.

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Last revised: August 29, 2019
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