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Label location

A three or four letter code (corresponding to the old Gladis location) that prints on a spine label under the call number to show the book’s shelving location. Label location is the way that it is possible to tell which location used to own something that has been withdrawn, as withdrawal changes the millennium location code to zw*.

Label Location – Millennium location code

ANEG –  ag

AH-C – ah

ANTH – an

BIOS – bi

BUSI – bu

CEDA – ce

CHEM – ch

DATA – dl

NEWS – dn

DREF – dr

EAST – ea

ED-P – ed

ENGI – en

EART – es

ENVI – ev

GRDS – gs

IGSL – ig

IRLE – ir

ITSL – it

JOUR – jo

LANG – la

MAIN – ma

MRC – mc

MOFF – mf

MNEG – mn

MORR – mo

MATH – mt

MUSI – mu

OPTO – oh

PFA – pf

PHIL – pl

PHYS – ph

PUBL – pu

AASL – qa

CHIC – qc

ETHN – qe

NAS – qn

SOCW – so

SOCR – so (replacing SOCW)

SSEA – ss

BANC – tb

MARK – tm

BNEG – tn

CTP – tp

UARC – tu

Legacy Data

Last updated date: 06/26/15
Author: ILS Group/LAP
Update Group: Integrated Library System Steering Committee

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