Instructions for downloading and viewing Daily and Monthly Circulation Reports

Author: David Zuckerman
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Monthly notices URL: (

For Daily (claims returned and search) reports only

Select a report date. This is the date the report was created from running creates lists within Millennium. Reports need to be checked 365 days a year.

For both Daily and Monthly reports

  1. Select a report type.  There is no need to select a date as the reports are cumulative.  If an item is resolved it will not show on the report the next time it is run.  If it is not resolved it will continue to show up on the report.
  2. Select a location.  You may select a single location or all locations.
  3. Click the “Submit” button.
  4. A pop-up box will alert you when the Excel Circulation Report is ready for viewing.  If there is no report you will get a message saying “No Report Available.”
  5. Click the “Open” button to view the report in Microsoft Excel.
  6.  At this point, you can either print or save to your computer.

For direct printing

Change your print settings to “Landscape” page orientation by selecting “File” in the menu bar and choosing “Page Setup.”  On the “Page” tab, select “Landscape” and hit “OK.”  Print as usual.

To save to your computer:

  1. Select “File” from menu bar and choose “Save As.”
  2. In the “Save as Type” choose “Microsoft Excel Workbook.xls.”
  3. Reports are sorted by call number.  If you’d like to do a sub-sort you can use the sort ID column to maintain a call number sub sort.  To do a sub-sort:
  4. Click on “Data” in the menu bar.
  5. Choose which columns you would like to sort by.  This is useful if you want to do something like sort by sub-location and then by call number within those sub-locations.

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