Instruction sheet for Baker RLCP hold items

Author: smoody
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  1. Desk attendant is presented with Baker or RLCP work slip that indicates a Hold pickup.
  2. Retrieve item from unit’s Hold shelf.
  3. Open Circulation Desk in Millennium
  4. For Baker items, type in bBAKR and wand the item’s barcode.
  5. For RLCP items, type in bRLCP and wand the item’s barcode.
  6. Stamp due date and desensitize item.
  7. Give to Baker staff.

Legacy Data

Author: Charis Takaro
Approval Group: CSG
Update Group: Circulation Services Group
Last updated date: 03/18/12


Created: April 27, 2016
Last revised: September 29, 2016
Review date: None set

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