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Author: Lisa Weber
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Items will appear on this report when they are status In Process and the item record has not been updated properly for a set amount of time.  They may have returned from the respective processing department but not been checked in properly at the home location.  For each item on these reports, units should perform a search.

1. If the item is found, check it in to update its Status to ‘-’ AVAILABLE.

2. If the item is not found, units may wish to remove it from subsequent reports by noting in its item record that it was searched and not found.  To do so, highlight the Status code in the item record and enter the following macro (replace <initials> with your Millennium initials):

%TAB%%ENTER%z%TAB%%date  Not on shelf at home location <initials>

This action will preserve the Status of the item.

Either of these actions will update the record in such a way that the item will not appear on the next run of the report.

Note: Criteria adjusted August 2011 for selection of records for this report:

Status = In process, there is no tracking note and the item was created over 6 months ago
Status = In process and there is a tracking note over 6 months ago but no tracking note less than 6 months ago.

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