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Records are kept “busy” in Millennium when staff have them open in edit mode, or when the system is processing a transaction related to that record such as a payment on an order record. All staff must understand the importance of closing each record immediately after edits are complete to save the edits and avoid keeping a record busy. However, busy records will be encountered from time to time.

Here is the documentation from III on busy records:

A nightly job runs to free any records that have been left busy overnight. You may also report the problem to the OskiCat Helpdesk so that Systems can look at the record behind the scenes and try to verify what is causing it to be busy before freeing it. Note that freeing a record can have negative impact if the record was legitimately in use elsewhere in the system.

Procedure: If you encounter an error saying that the record you want is busy, please follow these steps:

  1. Wait five minutes or longer and try the record again. In most cases it should now be free. A common exception is order records which are in a payfile and remain busy until the payfile is posted (usually by the end of the week).
  2. If the record is still busy wait until the next day and check the record again. Records should clear themselves overnight. If it is a circulation issue that needs to be resolved immediately i.e. patron waiting please report the problem after the five minute wait.
  3. If the record is still not free, please report the record number and the fact that it is busy to the OskiCat Helpdesk so that Systems can troubleshoot and track problems with busy records: Millennium Help Desk

Note: The following people have been authorized to free busy records that come up in the course of acquisitions work: Mark Hemhauser, Judith Weeks, Rico Estrada, Susan Miller, Don Lee, Wanda Rybak.

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