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Barcode duplication is always a problem in Millennium. If Millennium warns you that the item barcode you added is a duplicate, the issue should be resolved quickly. This error should never be ignored unless the duplication is between a staff patron barcode and an NRLF barcode.

Barcode duplication problems fall into two categories:

1. Staff error. This can be prevented by following the best practice of physically affixing the barcode sticker to an item BEFORE scanning it into Millennium or OCLC (“Stick then scan”).  ALWAYS scan/wand in the barcode into Millennium; NEVER type it. Sometimes this error occurs when staff creates two items records for the same physical piece. In Millennium, one physical item (a circulating unit) only has one item record (linked to additional bib. records if necessary), even for sets/analytics or bound-with situations.

If you encounter a duplicate, delete the duplicate instance of the barcode and refer the issue first to technical processing staff for your location, then if necessary, to BadCat or the cataloging unit for your location.

2. Barcode vendor error (possible barcode number duplication).

If you think the same barcode number was printed on two physical stickers, follow these steps:

  • Verify this if possible by pulling both items and visually verify that the barcodes are identical
  • Submit an OskiCat Helpdesk ticket
  • If the suspected duplicate item is not in your unit’s collection, request that the owning unit photocopy the barcode for comparison. Send that photocopy in with your barcode sheet (see next step).
  • Send the sheet to the ILS Manager in Systems and await further instruction before using other sheets in the package of barcodes from which the possibly duplicated barcode originated.

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