Doe/Moffitt Circulation Holdshelf Maintenance

Author: Peter Soriano
Posted in: Circulation Services Group

Purpose:  Verify items on holdshelf weekly

Although Millennium does have a “View Holds” function, most reports can be over 200 pages when printed.  Exporting a list from “View Holds” produces a list in a difficult to use format (16 lines per call number).  Main Circulation uses Create Lists to produce a document that is easier to use.

Create List Preparation (by Peter)

  1. Run a simple query on Create Lists for:   ITEM   STATUS   equal to   !
    1. It is best to only run this list when all circulation desks are closed.
    2. This will list every item with a status of “On Holdshelf”
  2. Export the file
    1. Select Export Records
    2. Fields to be exported = (c)Call Number, (v)Volume, (b)Barcode, and (8)Hold
    3. Save as a text file
  3. Open the file in Notepad.
    1. Search and replace  PU= with “,”PU=.  This change allows you to sort by pickup location
    2. Save text file
  4. Open text file in Excel
    1. Set file type to Delimited
    2. Select Comma as Delimiter
    3. Click Finish
  5. Eliminate the non-MAIN holds
    1. Sort column D (pickup locations) alphabetically.  Expand the selection
    2. Delete all rows where PU does not equal ma
    3. Delete columns C-Z to remove unnecessary hold information.
    4. Sort column A (call numbers) alphabetically.  Expand the selection
  6. Prepare list of call numbers for SLEs
    1. Add a column of circles before the call numbers; these can serve as checkboxes once printed.  In order to save paper, separate the call numbers into two columns.

    3. Print Holdshelf list

Checking the Holdshelf (by SLEs)

  1. Compare list to the holdshelf
    1. Place a mark in the checkbox for all items on the holdshelf list and on the shelf
    2. Leave checkbox blank if item is not on the shelf
    3. Turn books on their spine if they are on the shelf, but not on the holdshelf list.  A supervisor will examine these items for misrouted holds, incorrect call numbers, etc.
  2. Highlight everything with a blank checkbox
  3. Search all highlighted call numbers in Millennium
    1. Cross out the call number if the item is checked out
    2. If the call number is not checked out, note the Checkin Date, and Checkin Location
      330 = mainstax
      331 = staff
      332 = circmain
      333 = circmoff
      600 = ILL
    3. Search the stacks and sorting areas for missing holds using the noted checkin information

Legacy Data

Author: Peter Soriano
Approval Group: ILSSC
Update Group: CSG
Last updated date: 07/07/15

Created: April 26, 2016
Last revised: December 15, 2016
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