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Items that represent materials that are part of the collection should not be deleted.  Checked out items and billed-not paid items should NEVER be deleted.

Examples of situations where an item might be deleted:

  • personal copies put on reserve
  • items created mistakenly in the course of file loads or manual work
  • dummy item records

You should have the exact item in your hand to delete the Item record, if the item record represents a physical piece.   Items not in hand (ie- in process, in repair, missing, etc.) should not be deleted, but instead should be Searched / Referred For Replacement.  Any withdrawn items should not be deleted, but processed according to the Withdrawal procedure.

Anyone who can edit items can delete items.  You will only be able to delete items for locations in your scope, any items out of your scope should be reported to BadCat.

For deleting Reserve items, refer to the Reserves: taking items off reserve procedure.

To delete an item:

1.  Verify that the barcode on the piece is the same as the value in Millennium before you delete record.

2.  The two ways to delete an item:

(a)  From the record summary, highlight the item and click the “Delete” button at mid-right, then click “Yes” in the pop-up.


(b)  In the item record, click File > Delete Item Record, then click “Yes” in the pop-up.

As items attached to a bibliographic record are removed, the bibliographic record will become depopulated and an overnight job will adjust the location in the bib record to reflect the remaining item and holdings locations.

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