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Marking for deletion: Holdings record/checkin record (.c)

How to mark holdings records for deletion in Millennium

If there is an unneeded holdings record in Millennium, it should be marked for deletion.  You may, for example, have accidentally created a duplicate holdings record in the course of your cataloging or one may be left over from migration.  This procedure is only for deleting the holdings record, and the bibliographic record will persist in the database.

Holdings records must be closed before proceeding, including removing/deleting any attached items or card, as appropriate.

Do not mark withdrawn records for delete.

Do not mark local campus holdings records for fully deposited sets for deletion, these holdings should instead be suppressed (Mark For Deletion from “–“ to “n.”).

Do not strip the record of any information in case it was marked for delete in error and needs to be reinstated.

Make sure there are no item records attached to the holdings record marked for delete.

The authorization for holdings deletion is restricted to a small number of staff so for most staff, deletion of holdings is performed by:

1.  Change the “Mark for Deletion” field to d  – DELETE.

2.  Insert a check note:

%date  DELETE: <reason> <initials>

for example:

20091120 DELETE: DUPLICATE tstp


3.  Save the record and close.

The Check Note you entered will display in two places: within the record, and near the top of the window as part of the brief bib display.  The Mark for Deletion fixed field will show a value of “d DELETE”.

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