Date substitution in Millennium

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  • Place the cursor where the date should appear in the field. This can be at the beginning or end of field, or within text.
  • If you are entering a field for which there are specific instructions about where to put the date, be sure to follow those instructions. Otherwise, it’s generally a good idea to put a date at the beginning of the field. This aids in searching and sorting.
  • If embedding the date within text:
  • Add a space after %date. Otherwise, the substitution phrase will not be recognized.
  • Add a space before %date in order to separate the preceding text from the date.
  • You will not see the substitution take place until you move the cursor out of the field (not just out of the line, if the field contains more than one line). If you don’t move the cursor, the substitution will still take place when you save the record.

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